Enfield striking mantel clock - mid-20th Century classic

Enfield two train mantel clock

Classic example of a mid-twentieth century two train mantel clock.  In dark wood with decorative flashes at the centre base and a strike feature on the half hour and hour.  Made in Britain by the renowned Enfield company.

Item Description

A classic striking mantel clock – in good condition and there to be enjoyed.


To find out more about the Enfield Clock Company click here.


Enfield Clock Company, a British business, had set up in 1929.  It was granted permission by the Enfield Cycle Company to use the name on condition that the clocks were made to the same high standard as the bikes. Initially they mass-produced movements for export or to retailers in the UK to ‘case up’ themselves. But as early as 1933 they were feeling the bite of competition and sold out to Smiths Industries, their combined endeavours benefiting from the economies of scale.


The Enfield brand was not used after 1949, I believe. The British Museum says the date is circa 1952. So this clock must date back to the late 1940s or the very beginning of the 1950s.


Made in their thousands, this style of clock – simple, stylish, reliable – graced so many lounges in the 1950s and 1960s. (Perhaps they were called front rooms or sitting rooms in those days, some saved only for special occasions.)


Overall it is in great condition.  There is some paint loss to the minute hand, and slight scratches on the dark stained case.  They could easily be polished out.  But for me, they add to the appeal of a clock pre-loved.  It keeps regular time and strikes the hour on the hour and a single strike on the half hour.


The last  clock of this genre I sold, the couple said that the tick and the strike took them straight back to their gran’s houses.  Buy this, and you are buying a piece of classic nostalgia.


Dimensions (approx): H – 21cms W – 30cms D – 12cms

£75.00 plus p&p


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