Ornate striking Ansonia mantel clock

An impressive decorative late Victorian wooden mantel clock with an American Ansonia movement striking on the half hour and hour. Retailed in London in 1896 with a two year guarantee, it is still going strong 125 years on!

Item Description

Lift the decorative woodwork, held just by dowels, on the top of the clock and you will see how the clock would have looked, all glossy and richly varnished, when it was first sold by C Edgington of Kingsland Road, London, on December 5th 1896.  Practical watch and clock maker, jeweller and optician, Mr Edgington was confident enough then in the quality of his merchandise to personally sign a two year warranty which is still perfectly legible on the inside of the clock’s rear door.

The case now has lost some of its lustre, with the weathered patina of over a century’s exposure to life from the end of Victoria’s reign right up to 2020.  There is some slight water-staining on the top of the clock, but that is all part of its amazing story.  You could sand it all down and start again if you chose.  But if you want your clock to look like new, buy a new one!  A regular dust and polish will keep this one true to itself. This has all the charm and character you could wish for from a piece of late Victoriana, and it is still going strong.

Dimensions (approx): H – 40cms W – 30cms  D – 14cms

£145.00 plus p&p


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