Tall eight day striking mantel clock

A tall elegant eight day American mantel clock, labelled by Jerome & Co on the rear and Newhaven Clock Company on the inside base. Striking on the hour on a cup bell, it has all the charm of a late Victorian volume produced clock.

Item Description

The veneered wooden case is in relatively good condition with the inevitable signs of wear over 130 years of service. There are aged marks to the veneer on the plinth. The case features a glazed hinged door with gilt surrounds. Inside on the base is printed Manufactured by New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Ct., U.S.A.

The label on the rear tells a different story – Jerome & Co., New Haven, Conn. with instructions for adjusting the speed of the clock.

The dial features roman numerals. They are smudged where human hands have, over the century, adjusted the clock’s hands. But that is all part of the character of the piece, a real workhorse of a clock which will have been commonplace in working class households in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Dimensions (approx): H – 45cms W – 29cms  D – 12cms

£170 plus p&p

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