Kundo Anniversary clock in glass dome

Kundo Anniversary Clock

A 1920s or 1930s Kieninger und Obergfell 400 day anniversary clock under its original glass dome. Recently serviced and with new suspension spring.

Item Description

Kundo Anniversary Clock. We can’t guarantee that it will run for the full 400 days, but suspect it will be close to requiring a wind only once a year. When servicing the movement we opted not to replace the mainspring but otherwise, with new suspension spring and some other minor adjustments, this clock runs perfectly, almost silently, with eight beats to the minute. There is some slight rusting to the dial and the base has lost its lustre. Both could be cleaned up to pristine order I am sure, but as it is it has real character and charm.

It was a clever marketing ploy by an enterprising US importer of German 400 day clocks who registered the term ‘Anniversary clock’ in 1901 opening up a great new market for clocks commemorating, well….anything that happened annually. Wind it up on the day of your wedding anniversary, or birthday, or Mothers’ Day. Sales soared.

Their popularity lasted almost a century but interest in them has waned in recent years. Your Nan might have had one. Chances are the dome got broken or the whole thing went for jumble in the soulless 1980s and 1990s. Now is a great time to re-introduce yourself to what is a charming piece of early to mid-20th century ephemera.

Look out for the blog post on the whole Anniversary clock history.

Dimensions (approx): H – clock 27cms, base to top of dome – 33cms Diameter of base – 21cms

SOLD But if you would like us to try to source a clock similar to this, please get in touch.

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