Drop dial American wallclock

Late 19th century/early 20th century American drop dial wallclock, striking on the hour.

Item Description

There is no suggestion that G.L. Goodrick of Thirsk was the clockmaker!  These beautiful drop dial wallclocks with American movements were made in their tens of thousands in later Victorian and early Edwardian times, bringing stylish timepieces within the range of working people and often used by retailers in their shops to promote their own businesses.

The string and dot inlaid woodwork and the visible pendulum give this style of clock its lasting appeal.  This one is complete with its original earpieces (so often casualties over time).  There is some damage to the white painted roman numeral dial which is original to the clock.  If you want, we could replace the dial with a new one, but we judge it would be a real shame to do so.  This clock is over 100 years old – expect some cosmetic wear and tear.  It is all part of its heritage and character.

This clock, gorgeous in its own right, will have special appeal to you if your name is Goodrick, or you live in Thirsk.  And if you can tell us more about who G.L. Goodrick might have been – haberdasher, butcher, baker in Thirsk maybe? – then we would love to hear from you.

Dimensions (approx): H – 72cms W – 43cms D -12cms

£180.00 plus p&p



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