Jaeger-leCoultre Atmos clock with case

Jaeger-leCoultre Atmos clock
Jaeger-leCoultre Atmos clockJaeger-leCoultre Atmos clock

An iconic design classic – a superb Atmos VIII clock, serial number 227872 first retailed in July 1972, in good condition, in full working order and complete with its original carrying case.

Item Description

Jaeger-leCoultre Atmos clock. Let us let Jaeger-leCoultre tell the story first, then we’ll tell you about this individual clock.

“What inspiration led the Jaeger‑LeCoultre watchmakers to dream up the Atmos clock in 1928? How did they think to use variations in temperature to power it? The Atmos clock still surprises people today because of its inventiveness. Within a sealed capsule, a mixture of gases expand and contract with each temperature change. Thus, the mechanism winds naturally, without any human intervention. The subtle union between the classic and the modern is the secret to the Atmos collection’s timelessness. Its unique design allows the observer to see the complexity of its machinery from all angles.”

For those not in the know, this clock is design and engineering genius, its fine movement powered by the slightest changes in atmospheric pressure. The slow turn of its horizontal pendulum, a cycle that lasts a minute, is mesmeric. It is virtually maintenance-free. Stories go that you should service it every decade but the suggestion is that if the clock is going, don’t bother.

This particular clock is in excellent condition. Unlike many, it has never had a commemorative plaque affixed so is still in its original, as-manufactured form. There is inevitably some tarnishing to the frame but otherwise the glass is intact, the movement is clean, fully functioning and the clock is fit to grace any home.

It features an integral spirit level to ensure level operation and a lever to adjust the speed of the movement. The original case had slight scuffs to it, as might be expected as it has done its job protecting the clock itself for almost 50 years. It comes also with a small instruction leaflet which also carries the retailers’ 24 month guarantee.

At this price, I will be sorry to part with it.

Dimensions (approx): H – 24cms W – 22cms D – 16cms

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