Victorian black two train mantel clock

victorian black slate marble clock

At 50cms wide, this is an impressively grand black slate mantel clock with gilding, in fine condition.

Item Description

These Victorian mantel clocks were generally known as black slate clocks by the trade, the stone is in fact neither marble nor slate. It is a Belgian calcite with a slightly porous texture. Marble is a much harder and impervious stone and these clocks were often inlaid with genuine marble to give them a little style and colour. This fine example features no marble but does have impressive gildings. There is only the slightest of blemish to one front corner of the plinth, otherwise the case is in excellent condition. We’ve left it in its slightly dulled finish, reflecting its age. It could be glossed up to a bright shine using products like Marblack and wax polish if preferred.

The impressive dial has roman numerals and two winding holes, the clock striking on a delicate cup bell on the half hour and hour.

Black marble clocks became popular in the UK when Queen Victoria lost her husband, Prince Albert, She and the country went into a prolonged state of mourning. Black cloths were draped across parlours, the queen dressed in black and her subjects did their bit by buying all things black. They even painted ornaments black.

Advice from the experts is to handle these clocks with care. They are not held together with modern adhesives and lifted by the top, they can come apart. The recommendation – hold them like a baby!

Dimensions (approx): H – 30cms W – 50cms D – 16cms

£180.00 plus p&p

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