E.N Welch drop dial wallclock 1902

A double hollow ‘string and dot’ American striking wallclock with movement by E.N Welch.

Item Description

This is one to treasure. Unusual because of its ‘double hollow’ – those two scrolls beneath the window to the pendulum – gives it a scale and grandeur above the normal American drop dial clock of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

You could have every good reason to resent this clock and others like it. It was the mass import of factory manufactured american clock movements in the second half of the 19th century that decimated the English clockmaking industry. But these clocks have their own charm, part of which lies in the fact that they helped bring domestic time keeping to the ordinary family. They lack the finesse, and some would say the accuracy, of impeccably crafted English clocks, but that ruggedness is part of their appeal. There is something both proud and unpretentious about the clocks made by EN Welch, Jerome, New Haven, Seth Thomas, Ansonia and others.

The case is in excellent condition, the spring driven movement well-maintained and sound. The dial has been replaced at some stage – otherwise, it is pretty original. It will add elegance to any home.

Dimensions (approx): H – 85cms W – 45cms  D – 10cms

£450 plus p&p

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