Ansonia striking wall clock

Pretty late 19th Century American wallclock which strikes on the hour. Movement by the renowned Ansonia Clock Company.

Item Description

The Ansonia Clock company was formed as a subsidiary of The Ansonia Brass Company in Connecticut in 1850. Ansonia opened a new factory to Brooklyn in 1878 which burned down in 1880 and was rebuilt in 1881, bigger and better. From 1883, all Ansonia clocks were made in the Brooklyn factory. Such was the demand for clocks as a fashion item that by 1914 the company was manufacturing 440 different models. By 1929, when the appeal of the novelty clock had waned, the inevitable happened and the company sold its assembly and manufacturing equipment.

The legacy of the business is a huge variety of brass movement clocks still around, of which this is a fine example. The paper dial is tarnished and stained in places, browned slightly through age. Its bezel shows signs of tarnishing too but that is part of its character. The cleaned movement keeps excellent time on a single wind each week, and has a lovely strike on the hour. Its pendulum is visible through the gold-transferred glazed panelled door at the front of the clock. It is just a typical example of an Ansonia clock, small, neat, reliable.

Dimensions (approx): H – 55cms W – 36cms D – 12cms

£180.00 plus p&p

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