12" round dial Enfield English wall clock

Beautiful example of a twelve inch dial wall clock in a classic 16 inch stained oak case.  Typically called a school clock or railway clock it was made in the mid-20th century by the famous Enfield Clock Company.  Single train and featuring roman numerals on what appears to be a sympathetic replacement dial it has been fully cleaned and serviced.

Item Description

What gives these beautiful wall clocks their perennial appeal is their pure simplicity.  In their unfussy styling they are perfect for modern or traditional home settings.  Reliably good time-keepers they look great in kitchen, hallway, lounge or dining rooms and tick away with a quiet dignity.


This one has a single train Enfield movement. (Read more about Enfield here) and features a clip to hold the pendulum bob in place when the clock is being moved (see picture).  The dark stained oak surround (16 inch diameter in total) is in good condition and sets off the hinged brass bezel.


These clocks are hugely popular.  This one is in excellent condition.  The images show the movement on the workbench prior to cleaning.


£295 plus p&p



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