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Antiques Roadshow or Repair Shop – which are you?

The big ‘reveal’ tells us so much about values. Where do you sit? On the Antiques Roadshow it is all about price – ‘I suppose you want to know what it’s worth?’ the expert teases. And the item’s owner salivates at the prospect. The Repair Shop has a different reveal

When time and sound stand still

Somehow, the owl is translucent, supernatural, a mirage, an apparition, yet at the same time more real than anything else I can remember.

Really, who actually needs a clock or watch these days?

Do we really need clocks and watches these days? Digital displays tell you what time it is. But they don’t tell you what time it has been or what time it is going to be.

Something to celebrate – year after year

A story about one brilliant marketing idea that changed everything for the 400-day clock.

Fantastic foxes – fascinating fox facts

A fox can hear a ticking watch from a distance of 60 feet. But there are more extraordinary facts about foxes that deserve a mention.

Pick of the Clocks? More ‘Clock of the Picks’!

Every clock has its own story to tell. This one keeps its mystery, for now. I need the help of some ancestry detectives to reveal it.

Matters of life and death – a winter walk

Early in our adventure we encountered a  red legged partridge, sitting like a small boulder on the clay mud track. Baggy tried to look nonchalant as we approached it while he stood guard.

History – maybe it’s all just smoke and mirrors

As we think back over our own histories, I wonder how much of what we remember is imagined. Or how much of what we attribute as motive or hidden thought in others is actually just driven by our desire to support the narrative we choose to create.

That worrying moment of no return…

Dismantle things and will you ever manage to put them back together again? Face that worrying moment of no return.

Putting a name to a face – and why it matters

Putting a name to a face matters. But who minds if you spell a name incorrectly? Seemingly not precision clockmaker Neddey Wells. Hard to believe.

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