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Matters of life and death – a winter walk

Saturday mid-morning in late November – daughter Sophie and I set off from a deserted Cold Kirby heading along the Cleveland Way towards Rievaulx on a dry but overcast and heavy-under-foot 9.5 miler, enjoying each other’s company and Baggy’s, the beautiful black labrador who revels in the adventure of new

History – maybe it’s all just smoke and mirrors

I’m reading Hilary Mantel’s ‘The Mirror and the Light’ and loving it. Or should it be called ‘The Smoke and the Mirrors’? I become increasingly conscious that history is not all it at first appears to be. Indeed, some of it may not even be real. If ever you thought

That worrying moment of no return…

Dismantle things and will you ever manage to put them back together again? Face that worrying moment of no return.

Putting a name to a face – and why it matters

Putting a name to a face matters. But who minds if you spell a name incorrectly? Seemingly not precision clockmaker Neddey Wells. Hard to believe.

Butterflies – the Yorkshire Moors and the question of destiny

Always a birdwatcher, now I have a new diversion – the spectacular, inspirational flight of butterflies making their way purposefully across the glorious Yorkshire landscape.

Unless you already know the answer, finding it isn’t easy

The internet can be irritating. Sometimes instead of telling you what you want to know, it tells you what it thinks you ought to want to know.

Everybody’s Nan had one – with the utmost satisfaction guaranteed

How a sad unwanted clock at auction revealed the rich language of a bygone age.

Grandfather clock or Longcase clock? Here’s one ‘going for a song’

Longcase or Grandfather clock? A song, a Yorkshire pub and a legend in the making,..

Remember that first time holding hands – how time stopped?

Hands intertwine.  And it is one reason why a clock, and time, stops. Here are some simple steps to fix the problem.

Telling Times

Would this venture ever have seen the light of day had it not been for Coronavirus and the whole notion of lockdown?

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